Hauja - Zorba že ja Buddha
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Zorba že ja Buddha

The basis of the Zorba že ja Buddha is a combination of two musical individualities - Ashley Sarah Abrman & Ondřej Hauser. Ashley’s Charismatic Singing (known for example as a frontwoman from The High Corporation) is influenced by gospel.Ondřej, the bass player and producer, is known from such formations as the Prago Union Live Band, the David Kraus band, or the Ochepovsky project.Through their connection rises a hybrid electronics fusion with acoustic music in an original overhead stream.

In the autumn of 2017 in the Štvanice Vila they christened the debut EP 'Rosedout Lambada' (Slovak label GERGAZ), the godfather was the Slovak singer KATARZIA.There were many great musicians such as Michal Daněk, Oliver Lipenský, Antonín Dlapa, Marek Urbánek, Marek Antoňů, Annemarie Ešnerová, Tanita Yankova, Miloš Klápště, DJ Maro (Prago Union), Petr Hanák or Tomáš Sochůrek from the legendary Prague studios Jižák.

The Formation usually comes out in a six-member band. 


Ashley Sarah Abrman,Tanita – voice

Antonín Dlapa – guitar

Jen Hovorka - keyboards

Ondřej Hauser, Lukáš Mutňanský – bass guitar

Michal Daněk, Marek Urbánek – drums 


Rosedout Lambada (GERGAZ 2017)