Island Of Fire - Phoenix Quartet
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Phoenix Quartet


unique prodigious improvisation

The Phoenix Quartet is composed by saxophonist Pavel Hrubý, pianist Michal Nejtek, Jaromir Honzák, renowned bass player and drummer Dano Šoltis. "Creative producer Alexei Charvát invented Phoenix as a group of well-known musicians - the spirits of contemporary Czech jazz, who gathered in the Sono studio for a two-day session and made a lot of new music material without major preparations." And the collaboration of great musicians was obviously exalted: "In the light of experience, their joint improvisation has almost no deafness. A number of numbers, like two-part Phoenix, which frames the album, or Bennu, even act as pre-made balanced compositions, "writes Ondrej Bezr from MF Dnes.

Each thier concert is essentially a unique new work. 


Jaromir Honzák and Daniel Šoltis have been several times the prestigious czech Angel Award in the Jazz & Blues category over the past 15 years. Pavel Hrubý was nominated in 2008 and 2015 for the czech Angel Award in the Jazz & Blues category for Limbo - Kalimbo and Between The Lines. Michal Nejtek is a universal musician and an appreciated composer, an experimentator and a humble part of the ensemble.

His genre and wide range of musical interests are admirable.


Pavel Hrubý – soprano + tenor sax
Michal Nejtek – piano, el. piano
Jaromír Honzák – double bass
Dano Šoltis – drums, percussion


Michal Nejtek / Pavel Hrubý / Jaromír Honzák / Daniel Šoltis l Phoenix

(Amplión records 2016)