Life continues - HLASkontraBAS
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the adventure of a voice and a double bass


Just two instruments: the female voice and the double bass

A meeting of two experienced figures from the Czech music scene

Acoustic songs without words


HLASkontraBAS is a musical project based on just two people and two instruments the female voice and the double bass. It is pure, naked music without the usual padding of other accompanying instruments and 

often created using live looping. 


It is a meeting of two experienced figures from the Czech music scene. The musical journeys of Ridina and Petr have been intertwining for almost 20 years they first met in jazz formations, then they spent several years together in Floex, an internationally recognised project. In 2016, after several years of touring together, they have released a long 

awaited album of their compositions.


“Playing in this chamber form is an intense experience. It brings us the rigid constraints of the given instrumental form, but at the same time a great deal of freedom. There ́s a fragility and strength, because whe

n there are only two instruments, they can make a very close connection. It is an intense journey to the sheer joy of sound.”



Ridina Ahmedová (CZ) – vocals

Petr Tichý (CZ) – double bass



Ahmedová / Tichý – HLASkontraBAS (Polí5 2016) – the nomination for „Anděl“ 2017 Awards